Atelier ARI


Atelier ARI - Wind station


Power to the wind

Windstation IS An iconic cooling tower that celebrates wind power' was part of the international art and design competition Winterstations with the theme: RIOT! The exhibition took place from februari till april 2018 at the Beaches of Toronto, Canada.

Wind Station is a serious, but fun and friendly protest. The interactive pavilion has the iconic shape of a nuclear cooling tower. However, it is made of hundreds of toy pin wheels, refering to renewable energy. The pin wheels spin around in the wind, create a swishing sound and provide joy. 

Visitors can enter the pavilion through a small opening along the waterside. There they can climb the safety guard chair and experience the full moving shape from the interior.


2018, Toronto, Canada

In collaboration with ANEX worksWinterstations

Photos by Atelier ARI & Khristel Stecher