Atelier ARI

Peek a Boo!

Atelier ARI - Peek a Boo!


Illusionistic curtain through the forest

Peek a Boo! is 60 meters long, reflective curtain through the forest on the Mysteryland festival in Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands. The visitor is challenged to play a game of disappearance and suddenly emerge (peekaboo).

The zig-zagged curtain follows an existing mountain bike trail. At some points it shoots into the forest or creates hidden chambres. The strips of the curtain are cascading up and down, so visitors appear and disappear.

The postion of the lightest point determines the degree of transparency. On a dark background Peek a Boo! is a mirror, on a enlighted background it is transparent. You can go along, go through and walk in, you can see yourself, the surroundings and/or the person behind the curtain.


2016, Haarlemmermeer, NL

In collaboration with ID&T Mysteryland, Mothers of Art & Cultuur en Ondernemen

Photo's by Maarten van Haaff & Atelier ARI