Atelier ARI


Atelier ARI - Modulekast


The Modulekast is a custom made cabinet for Villa Beukenoord. The cabinet has two large openings for the purposes of an existing window opening and a classic piece of furniture.

The Modulekast is built up of a birch wood grid of 7 x 3 meters. Four different types of steel modules can be placed randomly in the grid in order to create a flexible layout. A number of openings in the grid can be closed off by steel doors for hiding stuff and the radiator.

The cabinet has a little brother in the conservatory of the villa, a TV cabinet designed in the same style as the Modulekast.


2015, Bilthoven, NL

In collaboration with Gerrit Bloothoofd, Titia Brouwer & Studio Zegwaard

Photos by Atelier ARI