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Florarium des Alps

Atelier ARI - Florarium des Alps

Florarium Des Alps

Flora: "all the plants of a particular place"

-ārium: "place where things are kept"

The Florarium pavilion collects and organises natural ingredients from the Alps and shows them in a detailed  and organised way. In a large 'stained-glass-like' window a compilation of pressed flowers, leaves, grasses, mosses and twigs is exhibited, as a poetic collage of the Alpine landscape.

An important part of the creative process has been the searching, compiling and arranging of all the natural elements on-site. Within this process, the makers experienced the beautiful landscape in a different way and zoomed in on specific details. By drying and flattening the flowers and plants by a heat press a new two-dimensional appearance of the flora was created.

The conical shaped Florarium is situated in a way that a colourful shadow effect is shown on the inclined inner walls. The incoming sunlight exposes the veins and other details of the natural elements. Visitors enter through a small opening. They experience the wide landscape and the details of where the landscape is made of in a single moment, through the large Florarium window.

The making of the artwork was part of the yearly festival  Parcours des Fees, where artist and architects from different countries come together for two weeks to built their projects. The objects are placed along a beautiful walking trail that starts trough the valley and loops back through the forest higher up the mountain.

2017, Crevoux, France

In collaboration with Parcours des Fees -

Photos by Atelier ARI