Atelier ARI


Atelier ARI (2014)

 Atelier ARI is a Rotterdam based design office, founded in the summer of 2014. From out of a 19th century school building we design and experiment with a hands-on approach. Being a combination of an artist and architect, we operate in a wide range of spatial design, including public art installations, furniture design, interiors and architecture.

Our work is characterised by clearly organised design, always combined with a twist and much love for craftsmanship and aesthetics. Design processes have an architectural origin. Ideas originate out of the context, are three-dimensional and play with the experience of an object and its surroundings. Atelier ARI strives for accessible art and design, where experience is important and where visitors become part of the work of art.

Joyce de Grauw (1982)

Joyce graduated in 2007 Cum Laude at the Willem de Kooning Academy. During her studies she won several awards, including the Ronald F. Vermaas award. Before starting Atelier ARI she worked for several design offices, including Doepel Strijkers and Van Mourik Architects.

Paul van den Berg (1980)

Paul finished different architecture studies and courses in Rotterdam, Delft and Dublin. His work experience includes TU Delft, BAR Architects, ZUS and the startup of Paul Scales. Before ARI Paul was involved in the design of public buildings, urban projects and the development of Het Schieblock Rotterdam.

Foto: Maarten van Haaff